Sunday, April 8, 2012

Confession Time

I did a bad, bad thing.  Or maybe it will be good. 
We will see.
I can never be happy with just floating along - what's wrong with me?!?
I always have to push the envelope.
Of course, that's gotten us this maybe????  It will be OK?
I made some plans waaaay back in 2011 and now that the time is here...I'm not sure that we are ready.
But we're going to find out, I guess.

I have 2 'secret' weapons in my arsenal.  DAP - dog appeasing hormone and calming treats with thiamine, L-Theanine and Colostrum Calming Complex.
My list also includes: crate cover, crate, training bag, toys, treats, frozen kongs full of ground lamb and peanut butter, a chair, water, notebook, video camera, regular camera, human food, GPS, map, bandanna (for DAP) and Wonder Walker.  Plus some more stuff - like different leashes and stuff.

Nervous, but happy to be going.
The worst that can happen - we have to go home.
The best that can happen - who knows!


Asta said...

Oooh, a big adventoowe
you did a good might be specktacoolaw
smoochie kisses

Helen said...

Relax and enjoy it. It will be fine.

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

are you going to tell us what you entered?!

Sagira said...

Hope you have fun!