Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Last Night of Class - Out With A Bang!

Tonight was the last night of class.
Tibby was SO naughty!  She did super amazing great for most of the hour, but for the last run of the last night of class she wanted to remind everyone that she is the ultimate party girl and that AGILITY IS SO MUCH FUN!
Especially if you make up your own course.
She makes me laugh.
I know we have sooo much work to do, but come on! those cute little sits that she pops when I call her back?  Darling!
Ok, yes I had to call her back a few more times than once :P but she eventually came back and did the course.....after she was tired out.  And I guess I have proof that she likes agility!  LOL! 


Kari in Vegas said...

I wouldn't have expected you to go out quietly!!!

Stop on by for a visit

Diana said...

Wow she is sure having a good time. I probably would have just taken off running , even if it wasnt the course the intstructor wanted, just to incorporate that joy and running into agility. And if the class mates were ok with it, reward her with a send to see them since she likes it so much.
What a happy puppy!!

Jenn said...

Yay, Tibbie!

You've built a nice love for the jumps in her. Loved that she tossed in a few on her 'outruns'...

She's a fun dog. You two are doing great.