Tuesday, April 3, 2012

She Tugged!

Tibby tugged at class tonight!!!  It was even near the end of class, when she was tired.  This is the first time ever that she has tugged around other dogs in a stressful environment. 
For most people her tugging wouldn't have even really counted as actual tugging, but I saw some excitement in her for grabbing the tug.  She pulled for like .5 seconds!!!  And she did it more than once!  I was just planning on pairing look at the toy with a treat, but when I brought the toy out she grabbed it! She even chased it a little when I pulled it around on the floor.

With all the worrying I have been doing lately about her being possibly 'scared', this made me VERY happy.

This is what I get all night long.
Hey, I can't complain, I trained it.

Video will have to wait, because Mr. Flip decided that charging batteries is for losers.  And the big camera is complicated.  It took me almost 2 hours to figure out how to get the video off of the camera on to my computer.

And anyway the video isn't all that exciting - except for the tugging we had a pretty un-fun night.  What is with people and start line stays?
I finally said I was just going to run with her.  Yes, Tibby can do a start line stay, but it's boring and how am I supposed to get any exercise?!?

I tried to put Tibby into as many tunnels as possible, even when they weren't in the 'course'.  I don't want her to be afraid!  Only on time she went 1/2 way in and then came out.  I laughed at her and goosed her back into the tunnel.  Otherwise, she did fine with the tunnels. 
There were run offs, but she came back. 

She did the teeter twice and then I said we weren't doing it any more.  I think she did OK.  It's not the way I want her to do her teeter, so we are working on it.  I might lower my teeter all the way to the ground again and start over.  I just don't see Tibby ever doing a fast sliding teeter.  She's cautious.  Will she always be like that?  I don't know.  Should I train what I have or push for what I want? 

The tugging made me happy.
Some people are happy when they win Nationals - I'm happy with a 1/2 second tug  LOL!!  Funny isn't it :) 


Newdrim said...

Yay :) It's good to be happy for little things. Not appreciating the small things is how people give up.

- Andreja

Loretta Mueller said...

AWESOME ON THE TUGGING!!!!!! That is NOT A LITTLE THING! :-))) I am SOOO happy for you!!!

Startlines are great, running with your dog from the start is great :) Who cares? LOL

Kari in Vegas said...

Hooray for breakthroughs!

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