Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Walk A Run

The first part is us milling around before we do a run.  I wasn't really interested in walking this one, because it was 4 jumps in a serpentine.  Very easy.  I don't know more than one way to run a serpentine, so I used the time to put Tibby into another tunnel. 

I like the part where she looks at another dog and then looks/comes back to me.  Before that I'm totally ignoring her and she's looking up at me!  So smart and cute!

  Sometimes it's easy for me to forget how far she has come since the beginning of attending these classes.  I use to religiously put her Wonder Walker on her for class, because I knew she would be jumping and twirling at the end of her leash - trying to get at the other dogs.  Now she's on a collar and she even walks with a loose leash most some of the time :)

 I also use to have to give her treats like a machine gun, now she gets a few when she does something super duper.  And they are tiny treats.  Before I needed a whole handful of chicken to keep her attention.  Or roast beef.  And even then she ran the first couple times on a leash.  I trust her more now!  Not all the way, not after our last lesson at Loretta's, but I have more trust in Tibby.

Class is actually kind of boring now.  Hmmm, maybe because I'm not as stressed out about managing Tibby?  She used to be coo-coo when other dogs were running.  Scream-barking, wriggling, up on her hind legs.  Now she just stares at me.  And I can count to 10 between treats. 

She still will run off every once in a while.  *le sigh*  But she has made progress.  I have too.  Although I still make bad choices....ugh!

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