Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First Teeter In Class

Probably not my best training choice.  I was just so tempted to see if Tibby would do the teeter.  Bad me.  She did it, but some how it didn't really make me happy :(  I want her to like the teeter, but I keep messing around.

Points for Tibby though.  She went on a new teeter - not rubber (which is the only kind she's been on before).  Good job baby Tib.

I could just not show the stuff that we mess up, but I think it's important to show boos and gold stars.  Otherwise it's not very realistic - is it? 

Annnnnnd poor Zoe.  It looks like Zoe's Mom pulled her off the teeter with her harness the first time??  That was an accident, but poor Zoe.  If Tibby is hesitant about it, Zoe is super freaked out about it.  She's scared of everything about agility.  She shakes and pants the entire hour.  Although she does go right up that teeter the second time.  And she went over the A-frame on her own twice, soooo maybe she's starting to like it?  Tibby got to play on the table for a second too.  Again I'm pushing for too much too fast.  Bad, bad me.

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