Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Down In The Valley

I sometimes wonder if Tibby likes me.
I think she does, but it's hard to tell.
It would be nice to rewind and start over when she was a puppy.
Maybe then I could figure out how to play with her.
I try.
But I guess I'm not a very fun person.
I never knew playing could be so difficult.
Too excited - not enough excited.  And I'm never right.
It would be nice if she would learn to speak English and tell me what she wants.


Kimberly said...

Logan and Lexi have learned to sit if they want something. All I have to do is hold it up and ask "Want?" If that's the right thing, then they sit. If they don't sit, then I haven't found what they want yet.

We're still working on more abstract concepts like "Want Daycare?" or "Want Park?" I know the answer is probably "yes," but they usually don't sit. So I'm not sure the concept translates to intangible ideas.

Not quite English, but it's a start. :)

K-Koira said...

How does she play with other dogs? I find this to be a great indicator of how to play with your dog in a way they enjoy. Pallo's favorite interactive game to play (because I don't consider fetch to be very interactive) is "bitey face". Koira likes playing "kick the puppy" or "burglar".

Catalina said...

Kimberly - LOL! I'll have to start doing that - almost like sign language for dogs! Cute idea :)

Koira - Heh, this is the reason I get into trouble with Tibby. She plays pretty rough with other dogs - smacks them in the head, tries to sit on them/puts her tail in their face. But if I try to get down on the floor and play like that with her - I either am not playing the right way: too soft OR if I try to get her to play 'bitey face' with my hand or pinch her feet ect. she looks at me like I'm crazy.

Her favorite game is chase, but I don't really want to encourage ME chasing HER any more than we already do! If she wants to chase me that would be nice for a change LOL!