Monday, April 30, 2012

Teeter Tippy

This video is a little bit old, but our agility activities have been few this past week.  The video is sped up, because it was kind of boring to watch - cute, but boring.  I showed it to Silvia and she said it didn't look too bad -

"It actually looks pretty good to me, especially those after 1:30 yes! But sure, it can’t hurt if you do some jumping on the end to ride it down again to make the end even more fun. It’s not unusual that they can’t hold the position on their fastest tries… I have to admit that with my dogs, since fast is always my major goal :) , I mostly relax the criteria some for the sake of speed and then revisit it again if I start to get fly-offs."

So I did a few sessions with the teeter lowered flat on the ground, then I changed my mind and put it up to full height (which is very high, I don't blame dogs for questioning our sanity when we ask them to run up it) and I am having her run up the teeter for cheese smushed on the end and then taking her off - we do that 5 times a day.

I'm hoping that this will make her run to the end of the teeter and then ride it down, but I'm thinking that Tibby might have other ideas.  Oh, well it's an easy and fun thing to play at. 


Helen said...

You have your own teeter with your first agility dog. I only got mine about three years after I started to compete. You're so lucky you can get it in your basement. I can't get the plank down the stairs.

Tibby has nice teeters to me, she rides down on the end which great.

Helen said...

Oh and that's why I bought my teeter so I could smush hot dogs on the end so Ceilidh and Tucker would ride down on the end rather than have to be coaxed past the pivot point. Beckett loves the teeter so that hasn't been an issue with him.

Catalina said...

Yeah the split plank teeters are nice...not sure if it will ever make it outside - I want to KEEP it nice!