Monday, April 23, 2012

Plushy Puppy and Relaxed Rabbit

Tibby got groomed again on Friday.
Her legs were driving me crazy, so I told the groomer to take them shorter and then even up her coat.  You know, so she wouldn't look like a marshmallow on toothpicks.
I think she looks cute! 
And for all those people searching for "Tibetan Terrier puppy cut" - this would be a 'puppy cut'.  Although the groomer didn't call it that.

I was planning on going to the Tibetan Terrier National thingy in St. Louis this year, but some changes at work nixed that idea.  Silly people have to get married on the same week-end! *rolling eyes*
So that was one reason I was growing out her coat.
It's much easier to do agility with her in a short coat.  Like running contacts are way easier.  I had stopped training them...for many reasons....uh, they're hard and kind of boring for me (not for Tibby, she loves them) to train, but maybe now that I can see her feet, we can get back to training.
She's a lot more cuddly now too.  And I find myself petting her a lot more too.  'Cause she is sooo soft and plushy!
And also now we can do some swimming....

Kiwi says life is rough for a bunny.  Reeeelax.


Diana said...

You are second persons blog I've read that said running contacts are boring to train. Funny, I don't think the are at all.
Love the hair cut!

Helen said...

She looks pretty plush in the first photo. My guys just went for a bath and brush this weekend. Next time will be a full groom. Tucker gets what I call a puppy cut too; on him we trim his pants, skirt, butt and ruff as much as they will without actually shaving him. He gets so hot in the summer that his thick Sheltie coat is just too much.

The nerve of some people getting married on the same weekend as important dog activities. A friend of mine can't come to our Regional Agility Championship because a work colleague's daughter is getting married that weekend.

Catalina said...

Diana - I guess it's because I'm not really doing anything - it's throw ball, cheer, give treat- throw ball, cheer, give treat, ect. ect. Every once in a while she misses, so then I don't cheer, but otherwise I don't get to do very much!
Tibby thinks it's awesome and super fun, so I guess I'd better start doing it again...

Helen - I know! People should really check out the important agility dates before they set silly things like weddings, maternity leave, jury duty :P