Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Girls' Escape

Pictures from last week's vacation.
I forgot to mention when I was typing up the seminar/weekend post that this was Tibby's first trip out of the state.  It was also the longest trip we have ever taken - 4+ hours.  I stopped once and let Tibby walk around, but she slept almost the entire time.  Either slept or chewed on her bully stick.  98% of the time sleeping :P 
She's a very good traveler.

Grandma and Tibby

Tibby's personal assistant. 
 I didn't want to let Tibby get her feet wet in the grass, before she went back into her crate in the car, so my Mom carried her around.  Well, I had the camera to carry.....  Tibby is not spoiled at all LOL!  We don't even let her feet touch the ground!

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