Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tried A Toy Reward

This is from last Tuesday.  I tried to reward with a toy.  I also had treats in my pocket.  Tibby was super distracted at the beginning.  She fakes me out every time!  I think she's going to run and then she runs off to the other dogs!  But she came back and ran just fine.

This video was 4 days ago and I think we have even made a bunch of progress since then.


Sagira said...

She just wants to go play. haha.
I saw an Aussie butt in the video to. :)

Helen said...

Had you played with that toy before? She was running well but didn't seem to get the toy thing. I always work with getting them excited over the toy first before I use it in agility. Didn't work with Ceilidh and Tucker but Beckett loves to tug.