Saturday, March 31, 2012

Amazing Tibetan Terriers!

This is so AMAZING!!  These Tibetan Terriers are so smart - they are really like little people!  Not like dogs at all!  If you are looking for a few new tricks to train your dog or tricks for 2 dogs to do together - check this out!
Seriously so amazing.  Ah, it gives me hope!  If these dogs could be trained to do this then Tibby can totally learn agility.

I love how she gives them a treat every single time and how they know where their spot is.  Also when she had the 2 rings the TT was like, "Hey!  That's too high!"  They are smart dogs and they don't work for free, but WOW can they work!
I LOVED the doggie congo line at the end.  So cute!

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