Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tibby Says, "A-frames Rule!"

Tibby really likes that A-frame.  This is one of the courses that keeps me up at night.  I was thinking a lot about it last night - how could I have handled it better.  Fay said we all had to do a RC after the serp.  I would have liked to try it with a blind cross and a front cross.  A rear cross just didn't work - because there wasn't enough room??  That's what I think.  We have been able to do a RC, but there was more room for Tibby to see the tunnel and commit to it and then I crossed.  I don't know maybe a FC would have pushed her to the A-frame any way.
I thought this course was TOO advanced for our group!  I felt bad, because I wanted to do a better job on the serp, but I was so worried about making it to the tunnel with a RC.  Ugh. 

Hey at least Tibby stuck with me the whole night :)  There were fewer dogs, but still she did a good job of working.  We also did a panel jump for the first time.  Tibby jumps it very high!  You can't be too careful of tricky jumps ;)


Newdrim said...

Oh, so you meant that you were supposed to RC after Tibby went into the tunnel? Because I don't see any RC on the video.

Yes, you could do FC and yes, Tibby might go to see the A-Frame anyway :) RC is usually the safest option here.
I really recommend you do that thing with cookies in the bowl that I wrote about a few posts back. She needs to learn not to cross behind you unless you give the signal. She can practice with the bowl first, then with the tunnel at home.

One thing that you could do in such situations is insist that she comes to hand (the right hand in this case) and reward immediately if she does it. By insist I mean that you watch her all the time and as soon as she looks like she she is going to go behind you turn toward her as much as she needs and start calling her name.

- Andreja

Helen said...

Beckett doesn't care for RCs to tunnels, he usually spins. What I was told at my seminar was that the dog has to be willing to move out in front of you for a rear cross to work. I started with jumps where I would throw a toy over the second jump while I crossed in behind. In your video, the reason you didn't have room for a RC was because Tibby hadn't moved out in front of you to the tunnel. I was also told at my seminar that my commands were late. Not sure when you were giving your verbal, but the verbal command for the tunnel should have been at her take-off point for the jump. That's something I really still have to work on!!

Catalina said...

Andreja - the RC was supposed to be before the tunnel. The cookies in the bowl with the tunnel is on my list of things to do :) Thank you for the ideas!

Helen - I would guess that I was too late. I tend to watch Tibby jump instead of cueing the next jump!