Friday, March 2, 2012

Need For Speed

Tibby sequenced tunnel - weaves - jump wrap today!  She also did it the other way and did weaves - tunnel - weaves - jump wrap.  It was in the basement on the good weave poles.  She is getting it!  Fast, happy and 80% perfect.  I tried all sorts of odd entrance angles.  We have lots to work on, but she is doing amazing! 

At class 2 weeks ago, she tried to weave on the poles they have there.  That was 2 weeks ago and now I think she could do it.  I really see her thinking about getting the entrance.  Sometimes she doesn't get it, but she is trying :)

She's also getting better at tugging.  Sometimes I carry a tug around in my pocket and surprise her with a game of tug.  She still likes to steal the tug and run away.  But if I tell her 'show' she will (most) of the time trade the tug for a treat.  I think part of the reward for her is having me chase her.  So as long as she will come back eventually and it's safe, I will chase her.  It's good exercise!

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