Saturday, March 17, 2012

Red Beard Run

My Mom ran in another race this morning.  Tibby and I tagged along to cheer for her.  There were some funny looking outfits!

I told my Mom to wear something that would be easy for me to see - she is in the red shirt, with the white head wrap/ear thing.

There was fog rising from the lake.  It's still partially frozen, but the air temp. is very warm.  HUMID!! 

Tibby got to practice being relaxed in the crate.  I took her for a couple walks, but we also just waited.  Even though there were SO many INTERESTING people and sounds to get EXCITED about.  She's so funny.  We did some practicing of attention and heeling near the finish line - waving banners, police cars with flashing lights, police men in uniform, little kids and guys hitting golf balls - it was on a golf course.  She did a pretty good job.  We could heel 2-3 steps and she gave me some good attention.  Little steps.

After my Mom got her award - she got first in her age group again!!!  We went for a nice long walk.  It was HOT.  And HUMID.  It feels like July not March.  Really weird weather. 

Tibby modeling my Mom's medal.  It was the first year for this run, so they had really nice medals

I gave Tibby a mohawk!  There are 3 ponys, but it's hard to see the last one. 
Tibby did really well with all the people and crowds.  When everyone started coming across the finish line I took her out to watch for my Mom.  I always carry her through crowds.  She's more relaxed and she doesn't trip anyone.  She really relaxes and just looks around at everyone.  If she were on the ground in a huge crowd like that she would be boinging around on the end of her leash trying to see everyone.  I'm always surprised at these races that no one wants to pet Tibby.  It's a great place to go - no one gets in her space, but she gets to see lots of new things.  And then everyone smelled like beer....they gave free green beer to everyone after the race.  I'm on call this week-end, so no beer for me! 


Jenn said...

I like the mohawk for her. It's a good look.

scotsmad said...

Looks like most of the runners were dressed for St Pat's Day.

It's good experience for Tibby to be in crowds so she'll relax. Bella hates crowds.....even though we tried.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy