Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Perfect Or Not So - Not So Please!

So here are 2 videos - The first one was the first run of the night.  Tibby was super flying high!  I was a bit lost.  But it was still really, really fun.  Even though there is a minor visiting episode.  I love how she is following my body language, even when it is all wrong and mixed up.  She is a very good little pup.   She's smarter than me!! 

I did a FC after the tunnel, because I thought it would be hard to pull Tibby into me.  It's usually easier to push her.  But being that it was opposite night she was very easy to pull!  At the end of the night we ran the course again.  Tibby was a little calmer, but I also started out slow and she stayed with me.

Which run do I like better?  Um, well the first one was more fun ;) 

P.S.  I have to say that I get a huge adrenaline rush from running Tibby.  In normal life I'm an extremely calm person (probably good for my work), so it takes a LOT for me to get an adrenaline rush.  It is really FUN and exciting to run with Tibby!!!


Newdrim said...

Can I ask why you're using food to reward her? I remember seeing a video where she went bonkers over a toy :) Wouldn't that be even more fun? Not that she doesn't look like she's having fun now - she certainly is :)
You can put the toy on a rope if she's in the habit of running off with it.

- Andreja

Catalina said...

Ahhh the great food vs toy problem! We have been struggling with that for a long time. With low distractions (at home, in the backyard) she will take a toy for a reward. With high distractions she will 'check out' ie. run off/not perform if I offer a toy. With Tibby the reward has to have a higher value than the distractions.

I'm working on it though! I keep trying to get her to play away from home and with low to med distractions.

Someday I hope the toys have more value to her, because she really likes to play :)