Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Whines and Cheese Sticks

Pre-agility hairstyle and freshly brushed out + rested.

Another class night over.  Tonight went by very quickly and we didn't seem to do very much.  Class started 15 mins. late and then a long time was spent lowering the A-frame in the middle of class.  Then the next class started coming in before 7pm - so our class was over.  That was OK with Tibby and me. 
I was told tonight that she was going to get more picky with my handling.  Hmmm, she gave us a serp to a rear cross tunnel send.  Little bit advanced for our group.  And she wants to talk about my handling, because I drop my hand and don't keep it stuck out pointing the way all the time.
"Imagine Tibby is on leash."  I understand that she is trying to help, but there are a lot of different handling styles.  I don't want to run around with one arm stuck out.  It makes it really hard to run.  I would like my arm movements to mean something - more than stay out there on the end of this invisible leash.   If she would stop yelling at me while we are running THAT would help.  It's a constant stream of JUMP-JUMP-TUNNEL-TURN TOWARDS THE JUMP-JUMP-STICK OUT YOUR ARM-SHOW HER THE JUMP-JUMP. 
I was TRYING to think of what Loretta taught me yesterday, but I couldn't think, run and ignore at the same time.  Seriously a trial couldn't be as distracting as our class.  Ok I know a trial is more distracting, but this is my whine and I'm enjoying it.

I included the video with Tibby's first A-frame.  Because lowering it took half of class.  Not sure why it wasn't lowered for the beginners class??  But now that we are in the next level class it's lowered??

There are now only 4 dogs in the class - French Bulldog, Aussie, Tibby and Zoe.

I did some experimental crate training tonight.  Peanut butter kongs gave me enough time to walk the courses.  There was still some yowling, but not as bad as before.  Plus I shoved Zoe into the crate with Tibby.  It was a giant crate! That didn't make any difference at all.  So ha! Tibby likes me better.

Now Tibby is so tired that even opening a chip bag had zero effect.  She's sleeping. 

After agility hair style + ate 2 PB kongs and slept in a crate for 75 miles. 
One pony in the middle plus 2 side ponys.  The mother of the boy who has the Aussie said, "You have the same hairstyle as your dog."  I said, "Yeah!!  I know!!"  She said, "Oh." 
Try again.  That insult was flattery. 

Who really rules the house?  She who has the biggest pillow.


scotsmad said...

Tibby----get that cat! Unless the floor is really comfortable.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

Elayne said...

Wow, no, you don't want to run with your arm stuck out the whole time. Your instincts are good because you're right, if you do that, your arm cues will be diluted. Arms aren't as big of a cue as motion and the direction your shoulders are pointed anyway. Do a search on YouTube for USDAA Nationals Finals or World Team Finals and see how many handlers are running with their arm stuck out the whole time. I'll bet the answer is none.

Beginners classes are often the worse setting for beginners. Crowded, too many distractions, poorly organized, inexperienced instructors, too much down time, both the new dogs and handlers get bored. Not sure what the solution is though.

My third dog never saw a beginners class because I knew it would be too much for him but by that time I knew how to train the stuff on my own. Classes are good for learning to handle distractions but often those beginner classes have a high level of distraction to start with.

Loretta Mueller said...

You can't run FAST when you run with your arms out ;-) I don't run with my arms out and my dogs seem to do just fine :) Just sayin' ----GRIN :)

Diana said...

I cant believe that lady said that about your hair. What the heck is wrong with people.

I always tell people in my beginner classes that I dont know everything and there is more ways to teach things then the way Im teaching it. So if you have a different way,Im ok with that. Heck your way may be better than mine.
Im always telling my groups, you cant run with your arms out. How are you going to signal an "out" command if your arm is alreay out.
Stick to your guns. And if she is a good instructor she will listen to you.

Catalina said...

Elayne - Yeah I watched Crufts all last week-end and I saw a lot of running, but no one was running with their arm stuck out LOL!!

Loretta - Yes, I like the way you handle and no pointy arm! It is so awkward!

Diana- She actually told us that we should do whatever works for our team and then later she said that she was, "really going to get down on me for dropping my arm all the time."

The more I am around people the more I realize why my dog is my best friend :D LOL!