Friday, March 30, 2012

Agility Lesson :Tibby, Klink and A Baby Lamb!

Time today has been impossible to keep track of.  I'm all behind like a duck's tail!
We had an agility lesson with Loretta today.  She gave us so much of her time, I'm really, really grateful.  I had no idea what time it was or how much time had passed.  We got there at 11am and it was almost 2pm when we left!  WHOA!  Loretta is the most patient person ever - seriously.  Tibby was being a big stinker today.  Loretta gave me tons and tons of help and ideas of things that I can do.  Without her help, I wouldn't have any idea how to figure things out.
Agility is not easy.
If someone tells you it is - they are lying!

I sometimes feel like Tibby is lost in these trees and I can't figure out how to get her to come out to play with me.  I feel like this, for example, when she won't come(so simple! just walk forward!).  She just stares at me like, "Wha, me? No, you come here."

Really though, I have to remember, that agility training (like everything) is a long road.  The goal is out there, faintly in the distance and the road is full of ups and downs.  You just have to ride the road.  When you're in a down, wait for the next up.  Hopefully with time the hills aren't quite as steep.  :)

"Don't worry I still love you."

So we got home at 4pm and I didn't think I was too tired, but Tibby was very tired, so we took a 'little' nap.  It was almost 7pm when I woke up!!!  Time is so crazy today. 

I love the drive to and from Loretta's.  It's a long drive, but I get to see so many new places.  Minnesota is really beautiful.  The landscape is so different every where.  In my area we have lakes, lakes, lakes, HUGE farms, straight roads, lakes.  I drive a little north and it's hilly with trees everywhere, winding, twisting roads and tiny farms nestled into the hillsides - no lakes.  Farther north and there are pine trees everywhere and some lakes again.  One thing I've gained from having Tibby: I've seen more of my own state in the last year than I have in my entire life!  It's fun to be a tourist in your own state.  Although, slightly dangerous when you are driving on twisty roads!

Back to what I know - Flat Lakes!

LOOK at THIS!!  Cutest thing ever!!
Loretta let me hold 2 of her new baby sheep!  Cute little lambs.  Yes, I did kiss them.  They even still have their little umbilical cords!  No I did not kiss those - yuck!  I kissed their little bitty heads.  They were so floppy and soft and relaxed.  I've only ever been around sheep that run away from humans, so this was so neat!  Loretta also showed me some sheep herding.  Amazing. 
I also got to meet the new (big) puppy Maya.  Sweetheart dog.  She looks just like Klink, but in a different color!  And she pees like a swan LOL!! Gracefully.

Some video from today's lesson.  I got to run Klink.  Can you see how scared I am?!?  LOL!!  It was fun though.  I liked it.  Then some of Tibby, before she decided to be a brat. 
Watching this video - seriously I need to get some guts!  I'm so wimpy! 

I forgot to say all the things we did today!
Tunnel to Teeter
12 channel weaves OUTSIDE - and she did really great, very focused
The super long USDAA chute - first time and she did it!  She even offered to do it once
Sequence on the video
And then lots of 'training' stuff, because Tibby decided not to play

So yes she was naughty, but she also did a lot of very good work. 
 Long road.


Tabatha F said...

You are so right about agility training being a long road! I had to remind myself of this yesterday when I had a very frustrating running contact session. It's been too long since we trained it due to swampy ground and now I have to restart from scratch. But, we only have to train these foundations once, and it really is worth it to take the time and do it right! It is hard though sometimes when I watch videos of amazing runs and I want to be doing it now, lol!

Looks like you had fun running the BC, do you think you'd ever get one? I'm tempted to get one in a few years as my next agility dog. :)

Kari in Vegas said...

Sometimes naps are needed!

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