Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Weaves! Awesome Hair! Run offs!

We had a fun night at agility class!  At the beginning of class there were only 3 of us - Tibby, Zoe and Blondie.  It was so relaxed.  Then Cort arrived late.  It was still pretty relaxed.  You'll have to scroll down a little to read the rest.  I took a few ( ok a lot!) of pictures of Tibby's hair style before we left for agility.  I think I like this style the best.

"Are we just going to take pictures of moi all day?"

"Agility?  Did you say agility?"


"Let's get this show on the road.  I have some agility to run."
Game face: on

Below you will find our best run of the night, followed by our 'worst' run, followed by a quick peek at our classmate dogs. 

This was our BEST run!  Even though it wasn't perfect or anything.  It was so much fun!  It had 14 obstacles.  That's a lot.  It also had the weaves.  Tibby did the weaves!  She did them perfectly, but in the wrong direction.  Oh, well all I wanted was an effort to do them.  We haven't worked with closed weaves yet at home, so all I wanted was to see her recognize that they were weaves.  She offered to weave a bunch of times when we were just walking around near them earlier in the class.  I finally had to stop her from trying to do them.  Someone knows what pays - hmm? 
I'm thinking she refused the tire, because I wasn't supporting it?
I have been trying to cue the next obstacle earlier.  It was harder tonight, because she was faster.

Speaking of fast.....

I discovered just how fast Tibby can go.  Waaaay faster than me!  She ran off 3 times in this run - to see Cort.  The 1st time: I had to go get her.  The 2nd time: She recalled to me.  The 3rd time:  She went wide, like she was going to run off again, but then she came right back to me.  YAY!!!!!!!
I know it's hard to see all that - ahem, videographer try to get the dog next time and not the floor.
From my angle it was beautiful LOL!

I really felt like she got it.  Running off - not fun.  Running with Mom - fun!

Here is a little peek at our classmates.  First is Blondie and then is Cort.  The commentary is Zoe's Mom trying pretending to be 'casual' - like we're not taping you at all! 
Cort actually fell off the dogwalk tonight.  And then he got yanked around so much that he peed on the floor.   He wears a choke chain and he was dragged up with all four feet off the ground when that happened.  If anyone ever touched my dog like that they would never be touching anything again. 
 Just a friendly warning.

When Cort runs - Tibby and I work on focus/attention.  She's getting very, very good.  Distracting dog running over the dogwalk behind you?  Stare at Mom!  Dog falling off the dogwalk 2 feet away from you?  Stare at Mom!

The next part is a little graphic.  If you have young puppies, you might want to take them out of the room.

"Oooo, dog.  That was a rough night of agility.  Whew!  I sure am tuckered out.  Agility is pretty tough on a young dog like me."

And then a cute picture, just so you know I didn't break her!  I just tired her out! 
It was a really fun night.  I like RUNNING with Tibby. 

Considering that we've been doing this for less than a year - I think Tibby we are doing pretty good!


Loretta Mueller said...

I feel for Cort...I would NEVER treat a dog like that...

Sigh...I wanna help everyone, I know I can't, but I want to so badly. He's a sweet dog, trying to figure out what his mom wants.

Great deal on Tibby choosing to come back to you! YAY! you two have come so far! :)

Catalina said...

I know exactly what you mean :( It' so sad :(

Kari in Vegas said...

I like that hair style :)

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