Thursday, March 29, 2012

Faulty Front Cross

Another video from Tuesday's class - I did the 2nd FC because I was told to, but Tibby and I almost collided!  The 2nd time it went much better.  Tibby likes to run too!


Helen said...

Yup, collisions sometimes happen, usually because we are late with our crosses. I nearly tripped over Beckett doing a rear cross in a serpentine. And at our last trial actually stepped on his toes as he came out of a tunnel.

Newdrim said...

It's good that you tried the second FC. Sometimes you need to run a bit more ahead of the dog to get into such position for FC that you don't collide (that would be a bit more toward the last jump). Also, I would start turning as Tibby was starting to take off. It will become natural with more practice.

Love to see Tibby run :)