Friday, March 2, 2012

Silvia Trkman Cik/Cap, Tunnel Sends and Pulls

It's true!  We are the never ending story!  Yes, I signed up for another session of ST's Foundation Class.  I thought we should make it a nice round year of training :)  I would feel like the senior that never graduates, BUT I have a lot of fun taking this class.  And I need structure and goals.  Or.....I don't do anything.  It's boring to train by yourself!  I need classmates!  I like watching other people train their dogs.  I don't know any other better way to learn. 

Also, I was worried that we have never gotten cik/cap.  The first time we took the class - I was trying to get Tibby to play with me.  The second time we took the class - I was so happy Tibby was playing with me, but I didn't want to slow her down for picky things.  This time I would like to understand the picky things. 

I explained to Silvia that I was worried about not getting cik/cap.  She said that "I don’t think she will have problems with wide turns."  and  "I would still keep focusing on speed and fun aspect though. I think you can gain more by having her really drive into the turn and out vs. how tight or not she jumps. The great thing about cik&cap is that you can work on both at the same time though!"

Goodie!  I'm not really so worried about Tibby.  It's me that needs work!  I'm trying to understand how I can cue the turns.  Now that I have read (part) of Linda Mecklenburg's book - I want to understand how I can combine both methods.  I don't know if that even makes sense???  I think Tibby is getting it though.  It seems like every time we learn something new, it makes things easier to train.  Hmmmm, maybe that's why there are methods.

IDK  we are having fun though.  It's funny, because Tibby is obviously getting tired in the 1st video, but she doen't want to stop.  I stopped, but she bugged me for 30 mins. after that trying to get me to DO SOMETHING!!!  No Tibby you need to rest now :P

Do you like our snow-gility?!?!

For anyone that is interested here are our 1st videos from the last 2 sessions of ST's class -

1st time around -

2nd time around -

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Tabatha F said...

Cool, I love snowgility! I've been worried to use my tunnel since it's been piled up in snow all winter, I thought it might crack, but I guess they're tougher than I thought!

I don't know if you've had a chance to check out my blog yet, but I also have lots of snowgility vids! :)

Tibby has come a long way since you first started, good job!!!