Monday, March 12, 2012

Daisy Peel Foundation Class - Snow-hike-gility

I forgot to post this!  Here is another video of our jumping and crosses.  We took it on the road last week and did our homework on a long hike. 

Daisy said, "Oh my goodness, this is AWESOME – a stick and the snow :) I love it!
Tibby is like, you want me to do WHAT with this twig?!
 Way to make sure you are having FUN – maybe you weren’t have so much fun squatting in the snow, but I bet watching the video again made you chuckle :)
 I think this is easily the best foundation training video EVER. Seriously. No fancy equipment necessary ;)
 And with the four basic turns, that trail with snow on it makes it easy to have a reference for a 90-degree turn :)
 Oh, no we are back indoors, probably with a cup of cocoa on that table next to you ;)
 I think Tibby likes this a bit better :)
 She is sticking her landings pretty nicely, that’s good! I think you are fine moving on to the next step, changing your own location relative to the jump bar :) You are probably going to want to move quickly with her, she masters things and will get bored if you stick at one place too long :)

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