Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Smash Up

This is like Monday Mash Up, but on Sunday and more smashy-mashy.  If you don't know (I didn't know this until last week) Monday Mash Up is where you post pictures and things that don't go together, but you want to post.....or something like that.

I wanted to post all these pictures, because they are old news - our snow is meeeeltttting!  Yay! 
Now the back yard is mud - Nooo!

I'm really, really proud of how Tibby's coat is growing out.  Now if someone were to say, "She looks very well groomed."  I would be happy to agree.  Before I was always a little hesitant, because I knew how many secret matts were hiding underneath her top coat.  Now she is 100% matt free!!!  It's a lot of work, but also a nice bonding time for us too.  Someday I'm going to do a post on the 'secret' grooming tip I found.  I can't be the only first time Tibetan Terrier owner who struggles with keeping up their dog's coat.  Ok, ok, ok here's the secret.  I read it on a TT facebook page, "You have to brush every day."  At least at first.  Write down on a calender when you groom.  It had better be at least every other day - maybe every third (but then it will take twice as long).  I brush Tibby every other day now and I'm always checking her coat.  Is is snarly?  Did she roll around a lot on the carpet?  Has she been rolling in the snow?  I probably think about it 20 times a day.  Just watch I'll be on the My Weird Addiction show someday LOL!! :)

To be honest I think people think they are prepared for the coat maintenance, but they aren't (or at least I wasn't).  When I got Tibby I was told that, "Tibetan Terriers only require their coat to be brushed thoroughly twice a week."  Ohhh, you must use that really short 4 day week?  Right.

I'm not saying her coat is perfect.  It looks like I haven't touched it in weeks right after I get done brushing her.  Tibby always has to get rid of the prissy look by rolling around on her back after she gets brushed.  BUT any time, anyone, any where - you can run a greyhound comb through her coat and there won't be a single snag. 
I'm proud of that.

And it only took me a year to figure it out!

I learned about all sorts of grooming things - pin brushes, greyhound combs, slicker brushes, foaming protein, final rinse solution, drop coats, ear plucking, whitening shampoo, color tinting and enhancing shampoo, leave in conditioner and recirculating bathers.

Now the things I would like to learn about this next year would be (Tibby coat related):
  • What kind of collar is best - rolled leather? Doesn't matter?
  • How can I get a cute little top knot to keep the hair out of Tibby's eyes, so she can see in agility???  This question is most pressing.  Right now I do two sad pigtails that look like a 3 year old put them in. 
Ok I guess this post is all about Tibby's coat and my weird obsession with it.  Whatever.  I have a soft and fluffy puppy!
It's worth it!


Diana said...

She looks beautiful but wow what a lot of work.

scotsmad said...

She always looks beautiful to us.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Helen said...

She looks great. Wanna come and brush Beckett and Tucker. I have to say that I'm lazy and just take them to the groomers instead. I do try to take care of any mats before their next appointments.

Tucker and Beckett loved the Roo Bites.