Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wipe Out! Almost

Class was fun tonight.  We had some simple exercises.  It was all good :)  Except for me almost wiping out on our very first time out!  I seriously almost hit the floor!  It was extremely humid in the building.  Dripping wet, nasty and gross.  I didn't realize that the floor would be so slippery, but it was.  Very slippery.  I was really careful the rest of the night.  Not the greatest for running.  Tibby didn't seem to have any trouble.  Must be those furry paws.

She was really hot though.  So was I.  I HATE humidity!  It was really nice outside, but inside the building was like 85-90F +  humid.  They had turned all the heaters on to dry it out.  It was like a rain forest.  Yuck.
I took her outside a few times just so we could cool off.  She drank more than a cup of water.  She always drinks quite a bit at class.  I suppose it's all the treats.  She had meatballs and garlic hotdogs for treats tonight.  I cut them up really small.  I'm learning! 

When I was making treats for class, I ruined two hotdogs.  They turned into tiny black cinders in the microwave.  Hmmm, less time next...time. 

I did a little video showing the way she focuses on me when the other dogs are running, but it isn't uploaded yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  I don't care if she looks at the other dogs, but I want her to look back at me.  When we were at the Pigs Fly seminar - Jane said distractions should be a cue for attention.  We're working on it.

  I had forgotten that Tibby ran off at the beginning of this exercise.  I thought we hadn't had any run off.  Oh well, it was a little distraction.

I was trying to find the song Wipeout, because I thought that would have been super funny!  But I couldn't find it.  Now I can't even remember what song I put on here!  I must be tired LOL!!


Diana said...

Tibby looked great!! Is this a different place, She looks so more comfortable running here.

Catalina said...

It's the same place. But we didn't walk any courses, so I think she was more relaxed. She gets so stressed out when I go to walk the course and she has to stay in a crate :(

Newdrim said...

She really added some speed today :)

- Andreja

Jenn said...

Check with your vet on the garlic. Onions are bad for dogs, and the opinions on garlic keep going back and forth (it's good, no it's bad, no it's good...)

I fed a kibble that had garlic added for years, but lately I've avoided it for my dogs.

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Look at her run!!!!