Monday, March 12, 2012

Long Day - Happy and Tired

Tibby and I had a lesson with Loretta today.  It was fun!  We worked on handling.  At the beginning of the lesson I was pretty lost, but by the end of the lesson I understood much better.  Just watching Loretta handle Tibby helps a lot.  I can see what a difference a small movement makes.  Very interesting stuff.  Tibby did a very good job!  She only tried to do the 'I'm-ignoring-you-and-doing-zoomies' game ONCE.  Loretta and I left the barn and Tibby noticed we were gone!  After a couple minutes we went back in and Tibby was ready to play with me again.  :)  Later on she looked like she was going to try zooming again (I don't care if she runs around when we are talking, but she has to come back when I call her) and Loretta said to me, "Are we going to have to leave again?"  She said it in a normal talking voice and we weren't even really looking at Tibby.  Tibby must have heard her and understood (!!!), because she put on the breaks, turned and stopped right in front of us.  She looked at us like, "Ok!  I'm here!  Don't even think about leaving!"
I swear Tibby understands English.
Now someone else has seen it too LOL!!!
Yes it can be creepy.  Watch what you say!

After the lesson Tibby was tired. 

After the lesson I went to the mall, then we went to Petsmart and Pet Co.  I'm not sure why, but Tibby is much more relaxed at Pet Co.  She's so relaxed that she peed on the floor.  Oops!  I was not doing a very good job of pottying Tibby today.  First she pooped in Loretta's barn and then she peed in Pet Co.  I swear I walked her before we went in!
So we left home at 11am and rolled back into town at 5:30pm.  Just in time for dinner at my Grandma's house.
It was a very long, but very fun day.  It went by SO fast.

Dinner was Tibby's favorite part of the day :)  She got her own plate.
I think she looks pretty happy about it.

"Looking's great, but can I eat it now?"

Bonus picture just because I LOVE her little pony tail!
She didn't even finish her dinner.  She was too full of treats from our lesson and she was very tired.  It was an extremely quiet evening.  A tired dog is a happy dog :)


Newdrim said...

I love how you handled the zoomies. And how funny that she came to you when Loretta mentioned leaving :)

- Andreja

Loretta Mueller said...

She really was creepy :) But it WORKED!

She's too funny!