Monday, July 2, 2012

Hot and A Stuffy

Ellie enjoying a nice icee on a hot day.

I mixed peanut butter, meatballs and kibble with water and then froze it to make a tasty hot day snack.

Ellie loved it!

She was especially happy when she found the meatballs at the bottom.

Tibby sun bathed on the deck while Ellie enjoyed the icee and shade.  She loves to hang out on the deck - even though it is SO HOT.  The deck is too hot for me to step on with bare feet and she wants to plop down and go to sleep.  I guess she feels chilly without her coat!

Ellie playing with a soft squeaky ball.  My favorite part is when Tibby tries to get Ellie to play.  She steps all over Ellie!

Soft ball = stuffing every where in the yard.  Amazing how much stuffing was in that ball!  I picked up a big grocery sack overflowing with stuffing.


Diana said...

Shame that dog doesnt like balls. LOL

Helen said...

Fun how she does the tunnel when she plays. Beckett doesn't unless the tunnel is the fastest way to get to a frisbee or ball.

Kari in Vegas said...

icees are a favorite in our house

Stop on by for a visit

Jenn said...

Tibby looks like a 60's mod fashion model, all legs and mop hair. Very cute!