Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So Far, So Perfect

So far Dhali is a perfect puppy.  He's slept through the night for the last 2 nights - looks like he will sleep through tonight too.  He's pretty knocked out!  I do get him up 2 times during the night and take him out to potty.  Then he goes back into his crate and sleeps, until I wake him up again.

He has NOT had an accident in the house yet.  Amazing!!  8 weeks old!  He even kept his crate clean while I was at work for 4 hours yesterday.  It's actually a really big crate and I made a potty area in the crate, because he is 8 weeks and that is a long time to hold it.  BUT he did hold it!

This morning we got up at the normal time around 6am - took Dhali out to potty, played, fed Dhali, went out to potty again and then I wanted to go back to sleep.  So I put him in his crate, but he was not going to go to sleep, so I put him in the x-pen.  He was not happy, but after a while he quieted down.  This is why they invented ear plugs.  I'll have to show you my escape proof x-pen design.  So far he hasn't been able to climb out and he had tried!

Later in the afternoon he needed to take a nap.  He'd been playing a lot and had eaten, pottied, everything.  He was just tired and like a baby was getting fussy-not wanting to sleep.  I put him in the x-pen and after throwing a little tantrum he finally gave up, crawled into his little crate and (after rooting around in the crate pad) took a nap.  It was so cute!  The way he was fighting sleeping, getting slower and quieter and finally he just stopped barking and gradually whines turned into little snores.

He figured out how to do steps.  Very cute.  He watched Tibby going up and down them for a while.  Then he tried a few times (fell a few times) and now he zips up/down/up/down.

They've played a few times.  Tibby gets too excited and scares Dhali, so he hides underneath my legs....until he decides to jump out and attach himself to Tibby's beard.  Yeah, not very scared.

She loves to be chased by him.

Dhali loves to tug!  And play chase!

And look cute!


Helen said...

He's very cute. They learn so fast, don't they? I think he's going potty in the last photo.

Julia Dobbs said...

awww...youre sooo lucky, my tt pups are 18 months old now, i would love another pup :-)