Monday, July 16, 2012

Dhali Is Here!

Dhali is here!  Prepare for puppy picture overload!

My Mom went with me to pick him up.  I tried to leave work early, so we could avoid rush hour traffic.  I was actually standing next to the door waiting for my co-worker who was working the next shift.  She came in and I ran out LOL!
Of course, we hit tons of traffic.  TONS.  Stopped to a complete standstill, because of an accident.  Well, 2 accidents, but I think the 2nd was caused by the 1st accident.
Anyway....I was getting more and more anxious to GET THERE and get my puppy!

Of course, we made it, because I have these pictures!  So far he is being perfect.  I mean really perfect.
On the ride home he barked a little, so I held him in my lap.  He was wiggling all over and kept sliding himself off of my lap.  When we stopped for dinner I gave him a few kibbles and let him chew on his bully stick.  We were going to eat in the car  (couldn't leave Dhali in the car obviously, because it was 95F) so I put Dhali in the crate while we ate in the front seat - he was in the back. And.....

He was very, very tired.

He was soooooo tired.

So he went to sleep.  And slept the whole 2 hour drive home!  He woke up once and barked a little, but then put himself back to sleep.

He kept moving around and sleeping adorably.

That's his tail.

First picture with both TTs.  Too dark and Tibby was super excited to play with the puppy. 

Tibby tried and tried to get Dhali to play with her.  She'll have to wait until he gets a little bigger.  Her method of step on and run away isn't really Dhali approved.

"Thanks for the new toy Mom!  When can I open the package and play with it?!"

"This is how you pose when the pinky one has a 'treat'.  Never mind what 'treats' are...just give them to me....not good for puppies."

What does Catty think?

Of the cute little puppy?

"Srsly?  You got another one?  It had better not touch me."  She isn't too bothered by him.  She's sleeping in her chair a few feet away from the x-pen.

I love bully sticks!

And I'z sleepy.

So potty training is going awesome LOL!  Not like I'm done anything magical, but so far he's peed outside twice and pooped once.  So potty training 3 vs. 0  Yay!

He's a sweetie.  He thinks we are nut jobs for taking him from his home, but I think he will get use to us eventually.

I sprayed the Snuggle Puppie with DAP.  It never worked with Tibby, but it seems to work REALLY well with Dhali.  He sniffed it really, really carefully and then laid down and went to sleep.

P.S.  My Mom is happy with the name, because I told her she can call him Ollie, like the shortened version of Dhali - ali - ollie. 


Catherine Anne said...

O-M-G he is the cutest thing in-the-world!!!! What breed is Dhali?

Helen said...

He's very cute. He looks like an Ollie to me.

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

aww!! What a cutie!!

BZ Training said...

What a precious pup!

Diana said...

Congrats , what a cute puppy!!

Miss Kodee said...

I just read backwards from your post today to here to read all about your new pup! How exciting and glad to hear everyone is getting along. One word of caution though! As a puppy Kodee had that crate and used to chew on the lock and crate rails just like your photos. Then one day while driving she got her tooth stuck on a bar. SCREAMED. I stopped the car mid traffic to rescue her - she was happy the many behind me at the light - eh, not so much ;)