Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cute-ty Clover

Tibby and Dhali are really starting to play together now.  Tibby is having fun and she's gaining a lot of confidence.  For instance, she played with a feather (so scary!) and ran on the grass to get Dhali to play with her.  She's also getting more interested when I play with Dhali.  I wouldn't say she's jealous, but she comes over and wants to be held. 

Dhali decided to pierce my ear today.  It bled a lot, but he was having fun playing with me, so it's ok.
He's busy, busy, busy and so fun to play with and just watch too.

I took him to work for a visit today.  He was passed around and held by a bunch of different people.  He played tug with me and one other person.  He ate treats from a new person and zoomed around looking at everything.  He also figured out how to open his carrier bag!  Naughty!  LOL!  Escaping puppy!

It's so nice a cool here today/tonight and we have spent most of the day outside.  Except I took a little nap....Dhali wouldn't go to sleep last night!  So I only got about 5 hours of sleep. 

He decided today that the bunnies are fun to chase.  The buns are much faster than Dhali, so he didn't even get close to catching them, but now he and Tibby get locked out of the bunny outdoor play area.  He has a lot of prey drive.  But he's learned to be respectful of Catty.  She finally! figured out that she can use her claws and get him to leave her alone.  He needs a reminder, but if she hisses he cowers and backs away, so I guess he got the message!

"Nope, not looking at you."

"What puppy?"

"I don't see a puppy?"

"Nope, no puppy over here."

"Oh, that puppy?"

Someday I will get a picture with BOTH of them looking at the camera!

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Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Gosh you have a fun puppy! I also love the jealousy factor, use that to your advantage!