Sunday, July 15, 2012

Agility Seminar At Loretta Mueller's

Tibby and I went to an agility seminar at Loretta's place.  It was fun!  I got to see a lot of agility, meet some nice people and see smart dogs.

Tibby was not impressed with being left in the crate when I went out to walk the courses (I was auditing).  She serenaded everyone with her full repertoire of barks, howls and whines.  If it wasn't annoying it would have been funny.  She makes quite interesting noises.

She eventually calmed down enough to take a nap in the afternoon.

It was really hot in the sun, but there were lots of fans and nice shade covers to sit underneath.  I was only hot when we were standing in the sun, but otherwise it was a really nice day.  I made Tibby get in the baby pool to cool off.  That's why she looks like a drowned rat!  She doesn't like water, but too bad!  Better water than overheating. 

Being in the pool and having a fan on her, she didn't even pant......except when she was 'singing' at the top of her lungs.

I took a bunch of pictures.  I had over 200, but whittled them down to just over 100.  You can see the full album here Flickr Loretta Seminar Album.  These below were my favorite.

I didn't edit them at all - some could use cropping at least, but I'm too tired!  Left the house at 5:30am and got home at 7:30pm plus outside all day....Tibby has the right idea!  Time for bed. 


Catherine Anne said...

some great photos!! looks like the dogs had fun. love the ones of them jumping :)

Helen said...

What did you think of auditing a seminar? I'm going to audit a seminar for the first time in Aug; I've always had a working spot before.

Catalina said...

I LOVED auditing! Loretta's a great presenter though. I know at the other seminars that I've been to the auditors don't really get very much attention, but Loretta was really good about including all the auditors in the discussion.

It was so relaxed and fun. Not sure if it was just the group of people (everyone was cheering and clapping for each other) OR because I was just auditing and didn't have to worry about getting up in front of everyone.

It does make you want to have a dog to run though - watching everyone else have fun :)

Although if I couldn't have brought Tibby, I wouldn't have gone. It would have been a really long day for her to be home alone AND isn't that the point of dog sports? Spending time WITH your dog?