Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Got Milk?

"I'm thirsty!  Where's the milk bar in this place?"

"Where 'ya hiding the milk bar?"

"Up here?"

"I think there's sumpin' wrong with your milk bar...."

"O there it is!  Funny place to hide the milk...."

"Hmmm, not getting any milk.....I'm thinkin' this is broke."

"We gotta get that fixed, okay?"

Dhali has tried to nurse on Tibby a few times now.  At first (when I took these pictures) she didn't know what he was doing.  Now she runs away really fast when he goes in for a 'drink'.

Speaking of milk...I didn't think Dhali was drinking very much water, so I've been giving him a little goat's milk after his kibble.  He likes his milk!  Today he started drinking more water, so I'm not so worried about it, but I have a big container of dried goat's milk to use up now, so Dhali and Tibby will be getting a little milk snack for a while.

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