Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Living The Summer

"You hang up first....no you....no you hang up f..i..r..s...zzzzzzz"

It's a pretty good life for the puppers (and me too!). 
A day in the life of Tibby and Ellie: 
get up early around 6am to potty and a quick game of fetch (Ellie)
Go back to bed for snuggles and get up for real around 9 (or 10.... :)
Play with the flirt pole/whip toy (see below) until Ellie's tongue is hanging all the way out
Tibby and Ellie play chase games and wrestle until Tibby's tongue is hanging all the way out
Go inside to rest up for 1/2 hour
Go outside for more playing
Inside to rest up
Outside for playing
Inside to rest up
Outside playing
Eating time
More playing outside
Play in sprinkler to cool down
Inside to rest up
Outside to play
Inside to rest
Outside to play - getting dark now....more fetching games and less chasing games.
Inside to escape mosquitoes
Last time outside to potty and play a quick game/pick up 5,000 toys from the yard and put sprinkler away
Sleeping time - very quiet in the house....just little snores from 2 tired doggies

And then just a quick little video showing Ellie's nice crate manners.  She's really, really improved a lot!  She's a smart puppy and she wants to be good/do the right thing SO bad.  She is really improving on her self control.  In the whip video you can see how she is able to wait and hold a sit (most of the time!) while I re-tie the toy on to the end of the whip.  A few weeks ago she would have just kept jumping at me.  Trust me....I have the scratches to prove it!  She has the sharpest claws I have ever seen on a dog.  I keep trimming them and they are STILL sharp, but in the last few days she hasn't scratched me once.  OR bitten me.  Before she would be so excited to get the toy that she would bite me as well as the toy.  Now she sometimes still gets my skin/fingers/arm, but she doesn't bite down as hard.  And she's stopped bite kissing me.  She use to run at me full speed, jump up, nip and lick me.  Ow.
She did that to my nose one time.  I thought that I might have a pierced nose.  :P

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Jenn said...

Very nice work you are doing. She's gonna be an awesome pet for somebody.