Monday, July 23, 2012

Dhali's Day: Playing!, New Toys! and Shopping!

This is Dhali's lunch time nap.  The day was only half over and he had done so much!

He played with Tibby and ran around the house.  Yup, he's running around the house now.  He still hasn't had a single potty accident, so I'm letting him have some time playing with Tibby on the carpet.  So far it's been just fine.  I even did a 'training' session with him in the living room.  Training for Dhali is chase me and get some kibble!  I'm using the clicker, but just to get him to get used to hearing it.  He has a teeny attention span, but LOVES to chase me, so yay!  And he L-O-V-E-S him some kibble.  mmm, yum, yum.
The living room is nice, because I can close the gate and keep Tibby in the kitchen.  Suddenly Tibby thinks kibble out of my hand is super yummy and she wants some too.  O-kay!  I can live with that :)

Twice now Dhali has gone to the sliding glass door and asked to go outside to potty.  He is seriously so smart!  Today he turned 9 weeks old!

After a nap and some more playing and another nap....THEN I took Dhali shopping.  We went to Runnings.  They didn't say they don't allow dogs and I've seen dogs in there 2 or 3 times, so I thought it would be ok to take him in there.  He was so good!  He rode in his little carrier and then I took him out and carried him around.  We just strolled around and looked at stuff.  I would take something off the shelf and let him sniff it.  He tried to chew on a wooden bird house! ;P  I let him walk around once.  He didn't have his leash on, but he follows me around so it wasn't a problem.

We bought one new toy.  Their toys are SO overpriced, but they let me bring Dhali in, so....
It's a frog toy that ribbits reaaaally loud.  Dhali likes it a lot, but Tibby LOVES it.  She played with it by herself for 20 mins.
I did some other errands later and when I got home she kept bringing me the frog and throwing it at me.  She likes the ribbit noise and wanted me to press the button and throw the frog.  It was cute!

Playing with the froggie.

Tired from all the fun activities!

So then later Dhali and I were playing some fun chasing games outside (Loretta's instructions!) and Tibby decided it looked like fun!  So she came off of the porch and played with us.  She liked the part where Dhali 'catches' me and I fall down LOL!  Nooooo I will not be taping THAT!
Dhali also likes that part.  Then he gets to bite me alllll over.  Bitey! 

"Waaa?  sleepy...."

All those little pieces of gray cardboard?  Dhali destroyed an egg carton!

"I got an ice cream."
I bought them 2 more toys too.  A squeaky ice cream and an orange/purple spot piggie.


I should also note that I trimmed the hairs on Dhali's muzzle today.  The ones that were in front of his eyes.  It wasn't too hard.  I did it when he was just waking up from a nap and was still a little bit asleep.
He has also had his nails clipped, ear hairs plucked and been brushed.  Brushing was easiest, then trimming muzzel hairs.  Nails and ears were much harder!

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