Friday, July 20, 2012


"Wanna see my playroom?!"

The white poles are my version of coyote rollers - it keeps him from climbing out of the x-pen.  The white sheet is a garbage bag cut in half.  The idea is to get him used to pushing through things and having things over his head - for agility training.  Lots of toys to play with and make noise.  Chew toys and bully sticks.  It's a long video, but the funniest part is when he tries to get a drink while he's still in the tunnel.  I was going to edit it shorter, but I'm too busy with the puppy!! :)

Just think of it as a web cam LOL!  If you have other dogs in the room you might want to turn the sound down - he makes noises!

This doesn't even show how crazy he can get!  He's so much fun, but I have a hard time capturing it on video, because he likes to run full speed into the camera!

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