Friday, July 6, 2012

Naming Issues

Ahhhh!  I need some help!
My Mom is saying that she will refuse to call the new puppy Dhali.  And that it is a horrible name.  She is hassling me a lot.
She likes the name Duo or Bhutan.
Or something combining the mom and dad's names - Scarlet and Diesel.  Soooo LetGas???  LOL!!  Just kidding!  Or Dilet?  Or Selet?  Or Carel?
I don't think so.
This is WAY harder than when I named Tibby.

I like Dhali!  So what if it sounds like Dolly.  There are lots of names that are girl/boy names.  It's getting frustrating, because every conversation ends with a fight discussion about puppy names.


Unknown said...

Love Dhali! Stand firm

BZ Training said...

Dogs are smart - they are perfectly fine with more than one name. We call the boys MANY different names, and they come running. They come running to each other's names. They come running to the names of their favorite snacks. How about calling the pup Duo Dhali (or DD = DeeDee). :)

Helen said...

How about Turbo? Its a premium grade of diesel and it goes with Tibby.

Helen said...

Or couldn't a nickname for Dhali be Hal? That's a boys name.

Loretta Mueller said...

I'm with BZ---the dogs come to many names here :) LOL