Friday, July 13, 2012


When puppy things started arriving this week, it made the puppy's arrival really real.  It's happening!  Get ready.

Snuggle Puppie models the doggie carrier.

It's a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be.  Not bad for $8 though!  I think it looks nice and I should be able to take the baby everywhere with me in this.

I stopped at goodwill and found a few toys.  I bought everything, including the basket, for $9.  Not a bad deal at all!  I was very happy to find a bumble ball, because it looks like a fun, crazy toy.  Tibby thinks the bumble ball is possessed.  She's making sure it doesn't try to attack her again.

I thought it would be funny for the puppy to have his own boy toy instead of a dog toy.

Getting the area set up.

This is the crate I got for $32.  Tibby likes it a lot.  She hangs out in it and chews her bully sticks.  It's MUCH bigger than I thought it was going to be - 2 Tibby sized dogs could fit in it.  In the picture she's only half way into the crate.

I'm taking care of Zoe and her 'brother' Benji this weekend.  Benji had an appointment to be groomed.  He goes to the other groomer in town i.e. not Tibby's groomer.  I was really NOT impressed with them.  I took Benji this morning this was my conversation with the groomer:
Groomer, "Who's this?"
Me, "Oh, this is Benji.  I'm dropping him off to me groomed."  They also board dogs there.
Groomer checks Benji's name off her list, "Ok.  You want the same as last time?"
Me, "Sure.  I'm the pet sitter, so whatever they usually have done is fine."
Groomer, "Do you have a time you want to pick him up at?"
Me, "Uh, well, when will he be done?"
Groomer, "4:30." Then she walked away with Benji.
Me, calling to her as she walked away, "Ok....I'll be back at 4:30 to pick him up."

Then when I picked him up a different groomer was there.  At least she smiled once and seemed to like dogs.
Groomer 2, "What does Benji look like?"
Me, "Uh, he's white and about this big."
Groomer 2, "Does he have a red collar?  Or a blue collar?"
Me, "Um, I think it's orange with jewels on it?"
She had me go in the crate room and point out which dog Benji was.

Seriously?  You don't know which dog is which?
What if I took the wrong dog?  After all, I'm not Benji's family - I could be anyone!
Also, smile and at least ACT like you like dogs.  If you don't act nice while I'm there, that makes me think you probably don't act very nice when I'm not there.

I like Tibby's groomer MUCH better.  She knows Tibby and she talks to me.  She doesn't groom a huge number of dogs.  Also, when your dog is done she calls you right away, so your dog doesn't have to sit there all day and get stressed out.  She also is just nice.  You can walk in at any time and see her talking to the dog as she grooms them - this place takes them away into the back.  Anyway - I was not impressed with the other grooming place.


Catherine Anne said...

ooh when do you get your new puppy?
I've bought mine and could have him NOW he's old enough but I have to finish working full time first! you seem very organised - all I've bought so far is a collar, leash and id tag :S need to get on it!

Diana said...

Hmm, thats kinda scary that they dont know which dog is which and dont put the names on the crates.

BZ Training said...

Yikes - the whole "pick your dog" thing is horrible! :(