Thursday, July 19, 2012

Who's There?

Today I took Dhali to the street market.  I carried him and we walked around through the stalls.  Then we walked up to the hospital and I let him look at the water garden.  He also ran around on the grass next to the parking lot and ran on a brick path through the 'healing garden'.  Then we sat next to the front door and watched people waiting for the bus and coming in and out of the hospital. 

He wasn't wearing a leash, because he's so small and he follows me every where. 
When we got home I tried out his leash and just like his collar he doesn't like wearing a leash either!  The collar was really annoying him - very cute though :)

Next we went to where my Mom works.  She works with vulnerable adults.  Dhali sat on the lap table of one person's wheelchair and enjoyed lots of petting by all the guys.  He saw a little flag and checked out a fan.

He also road around in the purse/bag carrier.  It works really, really well.  Zoe's Mom works with my Mom and she couldn't even tell that Dhali was in the bag.  She said, "Oh, did you bring the baby?"  I I said, "Yeah, he's right here."  She walked over to the car and looked in, "I don't see him?"  I said, "No, he's right here!  In the bag!"  LOL!  She was so surprised!  I think when Dhali grows out of the bag I'll give it to her for Zoe.

Dhali also got to play with the hose in the backyard.  He got wet!  He likes chasing the actually hose, rather than chasing the water.  Although he tried to catch the water droplets too.

Still ZERO potty accidents.  He went potty in a new place, but he's been traveling to different places every day and going potty there with out a problem.  He hasn't pottied on cement yet, so I'll have to make sure he does that soon.
I worked today and he was crated for 4 hours - then I came home for lunch and we played a lot - then he was crated for another 4 hours.   

Tonight there was a dog barking and howling in the neighborhood.  Dhali did not like that at all.  He wanted to go back inside. 

He's a funny little guy.  I made a video of his silliness in the x-pen, but it's still uploading to Youtube.
He's SO MUCH FUN.  I don't get anything done at all around the house.  I do make sure that Tibby gets special cuddle time alone with me.  I don't want her to feel ignored.

He's just so active and.....well, drivey that it's easy to give him more attention. 

He's changing so fast.  I feel like he's grown a bunch already.  They grow up way too fast!


Catherine Anne said...

awwww!!! great photos, and sounds like you two are having so much fun together. it's only days till I take my pup home now and get to experience the same :)

Catalina said...

Catherine Anne - Good luck with your puppy! They're a lot of fun :)