Tuesday, July 3, 2012


(I'm sure he doesn't even look like this any more!)

Puppy Day is getting closer!  I've settled on Dhali as the puppy name, unless he gets here and I have to change it for some reason.  Some people don't like it (my Mom for one), but too bad - it's just like having a 'real' baby, they're are always people that don't like the name. 

I saw this on another blog and I thought it was a good idea.  I took it one step further and made a graph with cross referenced prices/companies to find the best price on each item.  Do NOT buy from Petsmart, Pet Co or Amazon.  I was very surprised, but they were $5-6 MORE expensive than any other stores.  It was very, very interesting to see the huge price range on a single item. 

For example a Kong Wobbler:
  • Petsmart $22.99
  • Pet Co $15.99
  • Wayfair $13.39
  • Amazon $13.16
  • KVSupply 12.59
  • Jefferspet $11.95
  • EntirelyPets $11.99
  • Drs Foster and Smith $9.99
  • Pet Mountain $8.67
Surprising isn't it?
Then you have to figure in shipping and handling and on some items/stores extra charges for weight fees.  It took me a lot of time, but I think I found the best prices.  I believe this is called nesting LOL!!

  Here are some of the supplies that I'm getting together for the little man:
Snuggle Puppy Brown Mutt
Snuggle Puppie from Amazon $29.95 - it has a heartbeat and warmer pads.  It's supposed to help with crying at night and comforting, because it feels/sounds like a litter mate.   I never want to go through what I did with Tibby, so I'll try anything!

From Dog.com:
Midwest exercise pen (yes, I need a 3rd x-pen) - $31.49
Thumbnail of MidWest Pet Exercise Pen
Canvas pet carrier - brown - $9.89
Thumbnail of Dog.com to the Rescue Canvas Pet Carrier
Cut to Fit Sheepskin pad - $8.99
Thumbnail of Cut to Fit Sheepskin Pad Dog Bed
Kyjen Tail Teaser toy - $10.79
Thumbnail of Kyjen Tail Teaser
Blue x-sm collar $1.79
Sm Bad Cuz - $2.51
JW Rockin Treat Ball - $8.09
Thumbnail of JW Pet Rockin Dog Treat Ball

Drs Foster and Smith:
Cage cup bolt lock Med. x2 - $2.99
Stainless Steel Dog Cage Cups
Pipsqeaks Donkey - $3.49
PipSqueaks Dog Toys
Male No-leak reusable liner pads 3pk - $2.99
Male No-leak wrap - $7.49
NEW Male No-Leak Wraps
Large Snake dog toy - $7.49
Large Snakes Dog Toys
Vari-kennels Ultra Medium - $39.99 (I have a small plastic crate for car travel, but this is for the car when he is older. It's on sale now though!) - I have 5 crates and this will make 6 :P That's not counting the bunny and cat crates!  And yes I do need to get this one too LOL!
Vari-Kennels Ultra
Dog toy - shuffle bone -$9.99
Seek-A-Treat Dog Toys

Pet Mountain-
Classic Kong Med. - $5.49
Snugga Wubba Sm.(hopefully not pink) - $4.44
Octopus toy - $2.62
Homer the Hedgehog - $2.99
iSqueak ball - $1.49
Hayward the Hedgehog - $2.99
Kong Wobbler -$8.67
Fanatic Ball - $3.62
1lb bags of Zuke's Mini naturals - peanut butter, salmon and rabbit - $6.49 each

Some of these things Tibby will get to share too.  So it's not all JUST for the the puppy :)

I wish I could find some good tugging/chasing toys that aren't SO expensive.  The tail chaser toy was the best one I could find.

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