Friday, July 20, 2012


Dhali is so easy.  Maybe no one else would think that, but compared to Tibby he's a breeze!
Tibby has so many rules/things that she doesn't like/I can't do.  For example, she doesn't like grass or dirt or wood chips or stones or bricks to touch her feet.  This makes pottying in the backyard difficult.  Sometimes I have to either pick her up and carry her to a potty spot or hold on to her collar and walk her over to a potty spot.  1/2 the time she still won't go - even though I know she HAS to go.  She'll evade my grasp and run back to the deck.  High stepping the whole way, because the icky grass is touching her.

Then other times she will happily run around and play.  Not with me, but with another dog.

The other morning I took her out to a potty spot and she didn't go, but she ran over to the tunnel.  That's pretty normal - she likes to hide in the tunnel and it's NOT grass, so a good place to stand.
She was walking back and forth in the tunnel and before I realized that she was doing the 'looking for a good pee spot' walk - oops! she'd peed in the tunnel.  Cleaning out the tunnel at 5am in my PJs is not what I wanted to be doing.

Now the tunnel has both ends bent over onto the grass, so she can't get into it and try peeing again.  I stretch the tunnel out when the pups are playing, but otherwise the tunnel potty is close for business.

Today Dhali was running around, being crazy :) and he ran through the full tunnel (away from me!), went around the outside back to me and then did it again.  So he did 2 'real' tunnels - like a big dog would do.  He's fast and smart and nothing scares him.
Like I said EASY!  :)

Right now he thinks I'm the most amazing thing ever - I want him to think that forever!
He plays about 5% of the time with Tibby and the rest of the time with me.  Tibby's just not that interested in playing with him.  I think she might get more into it as he gets bigger.  Not sure if I want that?  I want him to like me better!

She's shown me that she would happily play with him in the house, but he always wants to run around on the icky grass and she can't handle  too much of that.

You'll notice she's inside the tunnel in almost every one of these pictures.

Is that weird? That my dog hates grass?

Did she just start this?  I can't remember if she's always done this?  I don't think so, but it's hard to tell.


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

It sounds like you picked a winner! Seriously, he's super cute!

Diana said...

Sounds like a wonderful puppy!!!

Cynder said...

His tail is up in every pic. He's a happy boy.

Catalina said...

Yup! He's happy, happy, happy! All the time - SO CUTE! I LOVE him! And so does everyone that's met him :)

Jenn said...

He'll probably go through a 'shy at everything like he's never seen it before' phase at some point, but you are laying excellent ground work for him.

He's adorable.