Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dhali's Day: Farmer's Market

"Why'z I in here?"
This is Dhali in his carrier bag.  His face was wet from playing with the hose.

Today we went to the farmer's market.  It was a success!  I will hopefully be able to take him every week.  He was sooo good.  It rained most of the time we were there, so he got to see umbrellas every where.  Nothing fazes him.  He was happy to give everyone puppy kisses and be held by any one that stopped to say hi.  He met kids and older people, men and women, people in hats, people with canes, kids in strollers.  There was a balloon animal stand and every once in a while there would be a loud bang from random places when a kid's balloon popped.
I had a lot of people tell me that it's the best thing to get puppies out to see things and socialize.  Which was very nice!  Usually I get attitude about bring my dog places - I think we will stop going to the street market and only go to the farmer's market.  There's always a large group of people at the street market that, for cultural reasons, do not like dogs and they act really strangely when they see a anyway....

He walked on a leash for the first time.  So CUTE! 

I carried him most of the time, but he gets antsy and wants to explore, so I let him walk a little.  He liked investigating the blocks/jugs/ect. people had holding their tents down.  Some of the blocks were covered in black plastic bags and he had fun jumping up and down off of them.  He also liked the plastic flowers tied to the jugs LOL!  Plastic snack?

Some people were surprised that he was an 8 week old puppy, they thought he was an adult dog.  The most asked question was, "How big will he get?"  That was the question I always got with Tibby too. 

He also met a little jack russel terrier that was helping to sell vegetables.  Dhali was like, "Hey."  Not too interested in the other dog.  Such a change from Tibby. 

While we were at the market Tibby was hanging out with my Dad.  I guess she had a good time!  She went downstairs to his office for the first time ever.  Usually she just stands at the top of the stairs and barks when I go into my parent's basement.  The basement is too scary, but today she went right downstairs and hung out with my Dad. 

He is just so brave about things - it keeps surprising me.  Today I dropped a stainless steel bowl onto the floor and he ran right over to it to investigate.  It was loud!  But he wasn't scared at all.  I LOVE him!

He does this cute head tilt thing when he's listening.  I still haven't caught it on film yet.  Usually he tilts his head right before he attacks the camera.  Makes taking a pic of it hard!

Even Dhali agreed, "It's too hot Mom!  Let's go inside!"


Catherine Anne said...

he's sooo precious!!

K-Koira said...

The farmer's market sounds like fun. Our local market has a lot of dogs most of the time, and they are all well received as long as their owners keep them out of the food tents!