Monday, July 23, 2012

Busy Day, Tired Pup

Dhali is very tired tonight.  This evening we went over to my parent's house - both TTs + me.  Dhali took a nap in his crate while we ate dinner.  Man, I love a crate trained dog!  It's amazing!  Then we (my Mom, me and Dhali) went to visit Zoe's Mom, Zoe and a few other family members.  Dhali explored a new house/people/backyard.  Zoe LOVED Dhali.  They played and played and played, until they were both laying on the grass totally exhausted.  :)  Zoe is just slightly larger than Dhali, so the perfect size (for now).  He's growing so fast :(  I wish he could stay this size forever!
He pottied in their yard without a problem.  Still hasn't had an accident yet!

After Dhali was completely tired out we stopped at my Grandma's house and she got to meet Dhali for the first time.  He was tired and very well behaved ;)

Then we went back to my parent's house and Tibby was SO HAPPY to see us LOL! 

I'm trying very hard to make sure they get to go to places separately.  I think that it's important.

Right now we are having a big thunderstorm.  I finally remembered to get Tibby's thundershirt out for her.  She calmed down after I put it on her.  She even offered some behaviors to get a piece of my banana.  Then she went to bed.  funny girl.  I wonder if she would like to wear the Thundershirt all the time?  Or would that ruin it's effect?


Helen said...

Looks like Tibby thinks Dhali's her baby.

Catherine Anne said...

they're so cute hugging!!