Monday, July 30, 2012

Week-end What We Did

Friday we played and played and played, until I was exhausted.

Saturday we went to the farmer's market and to Runnings.  We barely got into Runnings and I got called into work.  So,  I dropped Dhali off at my parent's house.  They weren't at home, so he got to chill in his crate all by himself.  Tibby had a bad day.  I went to work in the afternoon and my Mom spent most of the time with the pups.  When I got home in the evening Tibby was acting very strange/sensitive/nervous.  I didn't know what would have made her like that, so I just put her Thundershirt on her, but it didn't seem to help very much.....and Dhali started to tug on it, so that was a bad idea!  On Sunday, my Mom told me that Tibby had been outside and there was a big explosion/fireworks and Tibby ran inside and hid underneath the bed.  Poor baby :(  Amazing that she could fit underneath the bed!  She hasn't been underneath there in over a year.

Sunday we did a little clicker lesson.  I swapped back and forth between Tibby and Dhali.  It's going to take some adjustment, because Tibby is very slow and Dhali is fast.
So I got home in the evening and there was a note from my Dad - "Tibby and the little one enjoyed the food and water.  They shared the bowl."  This left me slightly confused.  What food?  Then I remembered that I had left out a bowl of dry food for Catty.  It was sitting right in front of the glass door.  My Mom knows that is were I leave cat food if Catty hasn't been inside to eat for a while, but I guess my Dad didn't know!  Poor pups - they had very full bellies and were thirsty.  They drank and drank.  Dhali's belly was HUGE.  I think he probably got most of the food.  I gave them some greek yogurt and they liked that.  Dhali didn't seem to be too affected by his full belly - it didn't slow him down! 
Poops were a little soft, but this morning are back to normal.  Although, I'm giving them a little fast, just to let (especially Dhali's) belly to recover.



Kathy said...

Lots of play sounds like a good plan for sure! Poor Tibby having to run and hide :-(.

Charlene and Storm said...

ahhhh love the pictures, so cute xxx
dont you just hate it when they go and eat things that arent meant for them, naughty little scamps he he xxx