Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Little Trip

Yesterday Dhali went with me to a friend's house for dinner.  He got to play taste some new people.  It's very funny to see adults afraid of a tiny puppy ;)
He has sharp teeth and he likes to sample toes!
Overall he was very good, he just needs redirection to a toy instead of human skin.  Not everyone gets that right away LOL!  But they figure it out pretty quickly!

He's got plenty of cockiness!  He was tugging on one guy's jeans with in seconds of meeting him.  Running around and being very entertaining.

Today we are going to take a tour of Top Dog Country Club and see if it's a good fit for the pups.  I always feel like a parent trying to get their kid into private school when I go for things like this.  Will my babies behave?  Or will they get kicked out?!

I wish it was a lot closer - it's about 1 1/2 hours away, but then EVERYTHING is about that far away from here.  Hopefully Dhali doesn't bark the whole time!  :)

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