Monday, July 30, 2012

Stick It In Your

"Whatcha mean I got a stick in my nose?"

I have another week off from work and Dhali has been enjoying the constant activity.  Although I wish I could explain sleeping in to him!  My hands and arms are taking quite a beating, with all the playing we are doing.  At least he bites in different places....most of the time.  The pups went over to my parent's house with me again this evening.  Dhali was crated for about 1 1/2 hours (and took a nap), but otherwise he had full run of the house.  At one point he took off up stairs by himself!  I had to go and get him.  Mr. Independent!
Tonight at home he was playing with Tibby, then ran over to the glass door and asked to go outside.  He had to go poop!  So smart!  He's 10 weeks old today.

Week-end What We Did

Friday we played and played and played, until I was exhausted.

Saturday we went to the farmer's market and to Runnings.  We barely got into Runnings and I got called into work.  So,  I dropped Dhali off at my parent's house.  They weren't at home, so he got to chill in his crate all by himself.  Tibby had a bad day.  I went to work in the afternoon and my Mom spent most of the time with the pups.  When I got home in the evening Tibby was acting very strange/sensitive/nervous.  I didn't know what would have made her like that, so I just put her Thundershirt on her, but it didn't seem to help very much.....and Dhali started to tug on it, so that was a bad idea!  On Sunday, my Mom told me that Tibby had been outside and there was a big explosion/fireworks and Tibby ran inside and hid underneath the bed.  Poor baby :(  Amazing that she could fit underneath the bed!  She hasn't been underneath there in over a year.

Sunday we did a little clicker lesson.  I swapped back and forth between Tibby and Dhali.  It's going to take some adjustment, because Tibby is very slow and Dhali is fast.
So I got home in the evening and there was a note from my Dad - "Tibby and the little one enjoyed the food and water.  They shared the bowl."  This left me slightly confused.  What food?  Then I remembered that I had left out a bowl of dry food for Catty.  It was sitting right in front of the glass door.  My Mom knows that is were I leave cat food if Catty hasn't been inside to eat for a while, but I guess my Dad didn't know!  Poor pups - they had very full bellies and were thirsty.  They drank and drank.  Dhali's belly was HUGE.  I think he probably got most of the food.  I gave them some greek yogurt and they liked that.  Dhali didn't seem to be too affected by his full belly - it didn't slow him down! 
Poops were a little soft, but this morning are back to normal.  Although, I'm giving them a little fast, just to let (especially Dhali's) belly to recover.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rock Star Hair

(baby teeth!)

Dhali has started digging in the water bowl, so I thought it would be a good time to try out the hose again.  He liked it! 

That's some party hard hair 'ya got there.

Whoo it goes UP!

Hmmm, thinking....

See!  Digging in the water bowl!  Why is it the water outside is better than the water inside?  I change the inside water more often, but both dogs wait until they can go outside to get a big, long drink....and Dhali plays in the water.


Tibby is not amused.  Wet.  Yucky.

Here she is inside while we were playing with the hose.

She's very upset about being left inside - not!   That's her laying on her side, if you can't tell.  She's taking a nap.  Far away from the yucky water.

Cat, Let's Play!

Dhali really wants to play with Catty!  She says no way!  Well, maybe....

Getting Behind

I'm getting behind in the picture posting!  They tell me the 2nd baby has fewer pictures?  Poor Tibby doesn't have even ONE picture until she was over 14 weeks!  So Dhali is way, way ahead already LOL!

These pictures are from last Wed. - 4 days ago.  We stopped at a park on the way home from our tour of the Top Dog Country Club - nice place, by the way. 

I like this picture, because Dhali is walking underneath Tibby - funny!

Follow you every where...


2 bodies, 1 head


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Don't This Up

This is how I play with Dhali. I have been reading Denise Fenzi's blog about raising/training her puppy Lyra for almost a year.  I'm trying really hard to play with Dhali.  I only have 2 goals for Dhali's training : have him love playing with me and have him want to be near me. 

I feel like I failed in both of those goals when I was raising Tibby.  Although to be fair to both of us - I didn't know anything about playing with a puppy when I got her.  I didn't know anything about anything!  The only advice I did get was all about dominance and control.  Dhali is being raised hippie-style!  Have fun!

I have a hard time balancing keeping Dhali engaged with the toy and not being to rough.
 I keep re-reading the info on Denise Fenzi's blog, "It is critically important to put the right amount of pressure and motion on the toy. Too little pressure, and the puppy will try to lie down and chew the toy, or munch and shift the grip to create action since you aren’t providing it, or even just walk away out of boredom.
If you use too much pressure and the puppy will give up and stop trying to play. The right amount of pressure allows you to constantly “feel” your dog’s mouth as you continuously move the toy. Most of the time the motion of the toy should be relatively smooth and side to side (not a backwards/forwards tug; side to side).
 The occasional careful “jerk” will keep the puppy awake and prevent lazy bites or letting the toy hang loosely in the mouth. If the dog lets go of the toy, you must make the toy instantly spring back to life like a rabbit determined to escape for good this time. Make sure the puppy is fully engaged again before allowing her to have another chance.
The easiest motion is a figure eight with your toy hand on the floor. That motion allows the toy to constantly change direction and keeps it in front of you, but also allows you to get the toy fairly far in front so the puppy doesn’t worry about being in close under or near your body.
 To avoid getting your hands bitten, keep the back of your wrist towards the dog and keep up the figure eight motion (like twirling a baton).
With this motion, the dog will be moved around by it’s whole body."

I hope I'm doing it right!  The 2nd video is the last half of the first video - I meant to cut the video in half, but ended up loading the whole thing.  The 2nd video shows 'personal play' .  Playing without any toys.  I also added in some rewards with kibble for coming in next to me. 

At one point he nails me REALLY hard in the back of the arm.  OUCH! 

It seems like the more activity/playing I give Dhali, the more he wants, but I can tell when he needs a nap.....even though he doesn't always agree with me!

Playing with Dhali - tugging, ect.

This one is only 3 mins.  - Cut from the 2nd half of the 1st video.

Friday, July 27, 2012


Daily Dog Challenge 264 - Vibrant - Pick your definition - just show us your dog being, with, or around something vibrant!

Orange!  And Green!  So vibrant it put Dhali to sleep.


Daily Dog Challenge
268 - Adjective - What's the first adjective that comes to mind when you think of your dog? Take a photo that shows us what it is.

Playful and cute would be the first thing that comes to mind for Dhali.  Tibby would be sweet and cuddly.  BUT I had this cute picture!  So helpful is the word!


Daily Dog Challenge - As Sweet As - Tell us what your dog is as sweet as with a photo today!

Doesn't get much sweeter than a puppy in clover!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cute-ty Clover

Tibby and Dhali are really starting to play together now.  Tibby is having fun and she's gaining a lot of confidence.  For instance, she played with a feather (so scary!) and ran on the grass to get Dhali to play with her.  She's also getting more interested when I play with Dhali.  I wouldn't say she's jealous, but she comes over and wants to be held. 

Dhali decided to pierce my ear today.  It bled a lot, but he was having fun playing with me, so it's ok.
He's busy, busy, busy and so fun to play with and just watch too.

I took him to work for a visit today.  He was passed around and held by a bunch of different people.  He played tug with me and one other person.  He ate treats from a new person and zoomed around looking at everything.  He also figured out how to open his carrier bag!  Naughty!  LOL!  Escaping puppy!

It's so nice a cool here today/tonight and we have spent most of the day outside.  Except I took a little nap....Dhali wouldn't go to sleep last night!  So I only got about 5 hours of sleep. 

He decided today that the bunnies are fun to chase.  The buns are much faster than Dhali, so he didn't even get close to catching them, but now he and Tibby get locked out of the bunny outdoor play area.  He has a lot of prey drive.  But he's learned to be respectful of Catty.  She finally! figured out that she can use her claws and get him to leave her alone.  He needs a reminder, but if she hisses he cowers and backs away, so I guess he got the message!

"Nope, not looking at you."

"What puppy?"

"I don't see a puppy?"

"Nope, no puppy over here."

"Oh, that puppy?"

Someday I will get a picture with BOTH of them looking at the camera!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wordless (9 1/2 Weeks) Wednesday

Little Trip

Yesterday Dhali went with me to a friend's house for dinner.  He got to play taste some new people.  It's very funny to see adults afraid of a tiny puppy ;)
He has sharp teeth and he likes to sample toes!
Overall he was very good, he just needs redirection to a toy instead of human skin.  Not everyone gets that right away LOL!  But they figure it out pretty quickly!

He's got plenty of cockiness!  He was tugging on one guy's jeans with in seconds of meeting him.  Running around and being very entertaining.

Today we are going to take a tour of Top Dog Country Club and see if it's a good fit for the pups.  I always feel like a parent trying to get their kid into private school when I go for things like this.  Will my babies behave?  Or will they get kicked out?!

I wish it was a lot closer - it's about 1 1/2 hours away, but then EVERYTHING is about that far away from here.  Hopefully Dhali doesn't bark the whole time!  :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Busy Day, Tired Pup

Dhali is very tired tonight.  This evening we went over to my parent's house - both TTs + me.  Dhali took a nap in his crate while we ate dinner.  Man, I love a crate trained dog!  It's amazing!  Then we (my Mom, me and Dhali) went to visit Zoe's Mom, Zoe and a few other family members.  Dhali explored a new house/people/backyard.  Zoe LOVED Dhali.  They played and played and played, until they were both laying on the grass totally exhausted.  :)  Zoe is just slightly larger than Dhali, so the perfect size (for now).  He's growing so fast :(  I wish he could stay this size forever!
He pottied in their yard without a problem.  Still hasn't had an accident yet!

After Dhali was completely tired out we stopped at my Grandma's house and she got to meet Dhali for the first time.  He was tired and very well behaved ;)

Then we went back to my parent's house and Tibby was SO HAPPY to see us LOL! 

I'm trying very hard to make sure they get to go to places separately.  I think that it's important.

Right now we are having a big thunderstorm.  I finally remembered to get Tibby's thundershirt out for her.  She calmed down after I put it on her.  She even offered some behaviors to get a piece of my banana.  Then she went to bed.  funny girl.  I wonder if she would like to wear the Thundershirt all the time?  Or would that ruin it's effect?

Bumble Ball Video

I'm not sure if the Bumble ball was a hit, but it was funny! I like the way he slaps his paws on the deck - so cute!

Dhali's Day: Playing!, New Toys! and Shopping!

This is Dhali's lunch time nap.  The day was only half over and he had done so much!

He played with Tibby and ran around the house.  Yup, he's running around the house now.  He still hasn't had a single potty accident, so I'm letting him have some time playing with Tibby on the carpet.  So far it's been just fine.  I even did a 'training' session with him in the living room.  Training for Dhali is chase me and get some kibble!  I'm using the clicker, but just to get him to get used to hearing it.  He has a teeny attention span, but LOVES to chase me, so yay!  And he L-O-V-E-S him some kibble.  mmm, yum, yum.
The living room is nice, because I can close the gate and keep Tibby in the kitchen.  Suddenly Tibby thinks kibble out of my hand is super yummy and she wants some too.  O-kay!  I can live with that :)

Twice now Dhali has gone to the sliding glass door and asked to go outside to potty.  He is seriously so smart!  Today he turned 9 weeks old!

After a nap and some more playing and another nap....THEN I took Dhali shopping.  We went to Runnings.  They didn't say they don't allow dogs and I've seen dogs in there 2 or 3 times, so I thought it would be ok to take him in there.  He was so good!  He rode in his little carrier and then I took him out and carried him around.  We just strolled around and looked at stuff.  I would take something off the shelf and let him sniff it.  He tried to chew on a wooden bird house! ;P  I let him walk around once.  He didn't have his leash on, but he follows me around so it wasn't a problem.

We bought one new toy.  Their toys are SO overpriced, but they let me bring Dhali in, so....
It's a frog toy that ribbits reaaaally loud.  Dhali likes it a lot, but Tibby LOVES it.  She played with it by herself for 20 mins.
I did some other errands later and when I got home she kept bringing me the frog and throwing it at me.  She likes the ribbit noise and wanted me to press the button and throw the frog.  It was cute!

Playing with the froggie.

Tired from all the fun activities!

So then later Dhali and I were playing some fun chasing games outside (Loretta's instructions!) and Tibby decided it looked like fun!  So she came off of the porch and played with us.  She liked the part where Dhali 'catches' me and I fall down LOL!  Nooooo I will not be taping THAT!
Dhali also likes that part.  Then he gets to bite me alllll over.  Bitey! 

"Waaa?  sleepy...."

All those little pieces of gray cardboard?  Dhali destroyed an egg carton!

"I got an ice cream."
I bought them 2 more toys too.  A squeaky ice cream and an orange/purple spot piggie.


I should also note that I trimmed the hairs on Dhali's muzzle today.  The ones that were in front of his eyes.  It wasn't too hard.  I did it when he was just waking up from a nap and was still a little bit asleep.
He has also had his nails clipped, ear hairs plucked and been brushed.  Brushing was easiest, then trimming muzzel hairs.  Nails and ears were much harder!